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Body fat is one the best measurements for determining your current fitness level and for tracking your progress. There are a number of methods for determining body fat and they vary in their accuracy. As for how tracking body fat works:
1. Determine your percent body fat using your selected method. If you weigh 200 lbs and your body fat percent is 25%, you have 50 lbs of fat on your body. If you want motivation, picture this as 50 one pound cans of shortening. You are carrying this around with you every day
2. It you were to lose 15 lbs of fat, your new body fat percent would be (35/185) 19%.

There are a number of methods ranging from technical (weighing underwater, dual energy x-ray absorbtiometry, MRI) that require you to visit a medical center to those that are simple and can be performed at your home for very little cost. Here are three examples of the latter:

Body Fat Scales (~$60) Body Fat Scales measure weight and calculate body fat simultaneously in a matter of seconds, and can be operated without training or assistance. The scales work by sending a low, safe electrical current through the body fat to evaluate its composition.

Hand Held Body Fat Analyzers (~$60) These use the same principle of sending an extremely weak electrical current through the body to measure body composition. As with the scale, this analyzer is simple to operate and does not require assistance.

Calipers (~$20) The only drawback to the caliper method is that it does require assistance. To determine bodyfat using calipers, measurements are taken of the amount of skin/fat at key locations on the body, usually from 3-7 locations. The total measurement is then cross referenced to a data table to determine your % body fat. The key to success with this technique is using the same person to take the measurements and ensuring that the same locations are measured on the body.

As for what your body fat should be the tables below should help


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