Thursday, November 10, 2005


The mental aspects of obtaining an objective are often left out of training courses that I have seen. But, they are very important because if you can't stick with your program, you'll never reach your objective. I'll touch on some things to think about and some techniques in this and the next section.

I'll apologize in advance because you are about to get a dose of some "low budget" psychology. Hopefully it will be useful. My perspective has been gained for reading books ranging from "Body for Life", to "Personal Power" to personal devleopment courses I have attended (Landmark and Millennium3 Education)

There are a few things to think about when asking "Am I ready to do what it takes?".
1. First off, there is a reason that you are the way you are now. You are some how benefiting from your current condition. Some examples of how you might be benefiting are that you can eat whatever you want, sit on the sofa watch tv or eat dinner at restaurants three nights a week. Ask yourself if you are ready to give up some of these benefits or modify them
2. If you are overweight, are you using your weight to create distance between yourself and others. I have read where people who have been hurt in a relationship may gain weight to make themself unattractive thereby keeping them out of relationship and protecting themself from future emotional harm. If you are, it is likely that you are doing this subconsiously. Ask yourself if you are ready to take this on.
3. Are your friends or family inactive/overweight and might they keep you from reaching your objective? Might you need to either enroll them in helping you to acheive your objective, maybe as a work-out partner, or might you need to find some new friends?
4. Think about what has stopped you from reaching the same or a similar goal in the past. Ask yourself what would be different this time. For example, if you stop working out whenever you get extra busy at work, ask yourself what you could do differently this time. As an example, you could work-out in the mornings so that your work-out would not depend on what happened during the day at the office.

When asking yourself these questions, you should also consider the benefits of reaching your objective. You may want to make a side-by-side list of the costs and benefits of reaching your goal. To do this first list all of the costs of reaching your goal; time, effort, money, less time to relax... When you are complete with all of the negatives, list the positives: more energy, more attractive, can participate in sports, longer life...


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