Thursday, November 10, 2005


I excited about writing this section, because this may be new to you. Now self-talk and visualizations are common subjects within the personal improvement/self-help community, but they are not mentioned within the context of fitness very often.

The intent of these tools is to retrain your subconsious so that it supports you in acheiving your goal.

Self Talk basically consists of repeating a statement to yourself to change how you view something. The statement must be positive, in first person and in present tense, as if it were already true. These statements should be used over a period of time so that they "reprogram" your sub-consious and your self image. They can also be used to remove your barriers to becomming successful.

As an example, if I am having a hard time following my low carb diet, I might use the following self-talk statement. "I enjoy low carb dieting and sucessfully follow my diet every meal". If I say this to myself, out loud, in the morning, at night and whenever I feel like cheating on my diet, I will begin to reprogram how I feel about dieting.

Some other self-talk examples are:
"I work out five days per week and have a firm toned body"
"Working out gives me more energy and improves my health"
"I can easily run one mile in seven minutes"

The bottom line is that these statements should state what you want to be true.

Visualizations are picturing yourself doing or having something that you want. Again, you are tricking the self-consious into believing it is true or at least is possible. When you say your self-talk statement, you should picture yourself living the statement. If it makes sense, as for the "I have a firm toned body" you may actually want to find a picture in a fitness magazine of what you want to look like when you reach your goal so you can better visualize your objective. You can even put a picture of your face on the image to make it more real.


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