Thursday, November 10, 2005


What you eat, the fuel you put in your body, is a very important part of any health or fitness program. There are a lot of diet programs to choose from, each with pro's and con's. I am currently following "The South Beach Diet" with a little of the "The New Glucose Revolution" mixed in. These programs make sense to me and I would recommend your check them out. If you would like someone to prepare your food, NutriSystems follows these diets as well, but sells prepared meals.

Most of the diet programs you can follow will help you to lose weight. The key is to select a diet that you can follow and stick with. Some of the principles that I've seen common across diets are to:

1. Consumer fewer calories than you use, assuming your goal is to lose weight.
2. Eat more but smaller meals.
3. Eat a larger breakfast and a smaller dinner.
4. Eat a mix of protein, fat, carbs and "healthy oils" throughout the day. You can do this by eating a mix of fruits, vegetables, nuts, lean meats and healthy oils.
5. Eat fewer carbs that are easily metabolized by your body. These "simple" or "bad" carbs are common in potatoes, white bread, rice, sugar and desserts.
6. Eat more carbs that are more slowly metabolized by your body. These "complex" or "good" carbs are common in vegetables, stone ground wheat bread, whole grains, legumes and some fruits
7. Eat lean cuts of meat and fish.
8. Eat healthy unsaturated non-trans fats such as olive oil and canola oil.
9. Avoid both saturated fats and partially hydrogenated oils (trans fats). Note that current food labeling laws require that a food's fat amount and fat type be listed on the label, so it is easy to avoid these types of fats.
10. Avoid high fat foods as fat has more calories per gram than do either protein or carbohydrates.

My recommendation would be to go to a bookstore and review some of the diets that are in the market. The South Beach Diet, The New Glucose Revolution, The Zone Diet, Body for Life, Eat Right for Your Type (this is a diet you follow based on your blood type), etc... Or, you can check out groups such as Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig or Nutrisystems. As I mentioned previously, any of these diets will help you to lose weight, the key is to select a program that you can stick with.


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